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Real Estate Technology 2.0

Josh Guttman, fireside

“Success for the real estate agents and brokers of the future – both commercial and residential –  will be 50% data analytics/needs assessment and 50% superior customer service.”

Josh Guttman from Softbank and Shai Goldman hosted a great event this past Tuesday and invited some of the most interesting innovators in real estate and construction tech, namely Rich Sarkis from Reonomy, David Eisenberg from Floored, Doug Chambers, the founder of FieldLens, Riggs Kubiak from HonestBuildings and Marc Siden, who represented OnBoard Informatics.

The (seemingly) slow evolution of tech in real estate and construction

Technology has been disrupting (improving) every single industry, yet both real estate and construction always seem to be falling behind, into the category of late adopters. Which is where the conversation started. The consensus among the panelists was that it is mainly the generational change that is driving more innovation in the space. I would mention two other factors here. One, the tech industry was more interested in other areas and did not think that either construction or real estate was sexy enough. I don’t have the exact VC numbers, but I have a feeling the data would back me up on this. Secondly, some industries tend to embrace new technologies quicker than others, because of both the nature of the business and the people in it.


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