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After 30 years, Berlusconi chooses to cash in on AC Milan…and that’s a good thing

Be6BgE8cFollowing similar acquisitions in England and elsewhere, Chinese investors now own both legendary teams in Milan – Inter and AC Milan. Last Friday Bloomberg reported that the initial contract was signed and the deal is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

Despite their iconic status, both teams have feel on hard times in recent years. Serie A is very popular in China and with this influx of money, the league has a new chance to return to its former glory. We have seen this happening in England and there is a reason to believe that the same can easily happen in Italy. As an AC Milan and Italy fan, I am excited.



International Champions Cup 2016 – Carlo Ancelotti and Italian Football Coaches 

Watching Real Madrid playing against Bayern Munich as part of the International Champions Cup tonight I realized that 3 out of 4 coaches are Italian: Ancelotti for Bayern, Montella for Milan and Conte for Chelsea and that Ancelotti coached all four of the teams that are playing tonight. 

As a long time fan of Italian football, I know that it has seen better days. Still, it is nice to see Italian coaches shine. 

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Having Fun (And Doing Business) In The Sun – WSJ

12_04Today I was featured in an article by Sue Shellenbarger on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, “This Cabana Has Lousy Wi-Fi”. It is both insightful and entertaining! Click here to read it.

If you have never heard the term “Digital Nomad” before, now you have. It is not new and I didn’t invent it, but I am – just like many of you – am a digital nomad. Read more on this here Mike Elgan:”I am a digital nomad and so are you”

It is one of the great effects that technology has on our lives. We can now work – more than ever before – from anywhere. I have written about this before in my previous coverage of some of the tech events in New York, where many of the founders, investors and entrepreneurs see this new reality as big part of their overall vision – allowing people to conduct business anywhere, giving new meaning to their work and allowing them to lead richer and more meaningful personal, family and business lives.


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CRE Technology: On The Verge



View from the conference floor

Last Thursday, I attended the DisruptCRE New York conference  held downtown  on Wall Street. I went last year, was very impressed by both the content and attendees, and perhaps even more so by event co-founder and organizer  – Mariel Ebrahimi. Based on the success of last year, I had pretty high expectations and I am happy to say that this year’s event was as good as last year’s, if not better. In its second year running, this event has managed not only to bring together various stakeholders in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) space, but positioned itself as a powerful summit that summed up the progress in New York City’s CRE environment and established a new baseline.

The CRE tech field is now completing its 1st phase of streamlining data collection, engineering and delivery on demand. As this phase is running its course, it not only solved the obvious issues  and brought added efficiency and productivity to the industry itself with its direct participants (such as owners, brokers, asset managers, etc) but also allowed other ancillary services startups to launch their operation (such as cleaning, construction, various utilities, etc). Continue reading